Mardi Gras Lafayette 2015

Your Guide to Carnival Season in Lafayette, LA and the Acadiana area


A krewe is a social club organized for the purpose of celebrating the Carnival season. Membership in a krewe may be limited to men only, women only, to children only or to couples or even families. Krewe members usually pay a fee to belong to a krewe. This fee covers all or part of the expenses of the krewe's activities. 

Most krewes have an annual ball, where their monarchs and debutantes are presented. Some krewes organize their own parades, while one krewe may partner with two or three other krewes to form a parade. For more information about krewes in the Lafayette area, click on the links below.

Other popular groups, like Mardi Gras Indians or riding clubs, are like krewes in their organization, but do not hold balls. They hold their own unique activities. Mardi Gras Indians are very popular in the African-American communities in the Lafayette area, while riding clubs are prevalent in the rural parts of Acadiana, like Mamou, Ville Platte and Church Point.

See more about Mardi Gras Indians at this link: Video or Site
See more about Rural Mardi Gras at this link: Cajun Mardi Gras
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  Iberia Krewe of Camelot

  Krewe d'Argent

  Krewe of Gabriel

  Krewe of Phoenix

  Krewe of Triton

  Les Brigands de Lafitte

  Mystick Krewe of Apollo 

  Royal Order of the Unicorn


  Krewe of Atlantis 

  Krewe of Victoria

  Krewe of Xanadu

  Mystic Krewe of Attakapas 

  Royal Order of Eden (New Iberia)


  Krewe Bon Amis

  Krewe de Danse

  Krewe de la Jonction (Arnaudville)

  Krewe de la Renaissance Acadienne

  Krewe de St. Martin (Breaux Bridge)

  Krewe des Amis (Youngsville)

  Krewe of Andalusia (New Iberia)

  Krewe of Bonaparte

  Krewe of Carnivale en Rio

  Krewe of Celts

  Krewe of Karencro (Carencro)

  Krewe of Iberians (New Iberia)

  Krewe of Majestic (Lafayette)

  Krewe of Nia (Lafayette)

  Krewe of Olympus (Scott)

  Krewe of Town Revelers (Crowley)

  Krewe de Wide Load (Carencro)

  Krewe Tous Seul

  Lafayette Mardi Gras Festival, Inc. (Lafayette)

  Mystic Krewe of the Renaissance

  Royal Order of the Troubadours


  Krewe of Angels


  Krewe d'Amusement

  Krewe des Jeunes Amis

  Krewe of Augustus

  Krewe of Camelot

  Krewe of Oberon

  Krewe of Versailles

CANINE KREWE (yes, a doggie krewe)

  Krewe des Chiens